About us

Cybersecurity has become in recent years in a matter of state. Not only the increasing number of cases of cyber crime (fraud, information theft, child abuse, byllying, etc.), but also increasingly common cyber terrorist attacks on organizations of all types, are leading decision-institutional positions of governments all around the world on this subject.

Conscious about the relevance of this situation, we are convinced at the University of Granada about the need to tackle the problem from different points of view. This complementarity / interdisciplinary business vision will undoubtedly address more comprehensively and with greater guarantees any potential solution to the problem. This is the origin and purpose of UCyS (UGR CyberSecurity Group).

The objectives from UCyS are thus two principal ones. Firstly, the necessary education of users in cyber security, for what various educational activities and training (seminars, workshops, specialized courses, ...) are proposed. Secondly, the development of research and transfer activities to, based on the know-how of the members of UCyS, advance the state of the art in the field of cyber security.

In this general context, we invite from here individuals and organizations interested in the field that we are concerned to cooperate with us in achieving the ultimate goal: the protection of systems and services and thereby improving user confidence in ICTs.